Ideas For Custom Trailers: The Double-Decker


If you are looking to get a custom car trailer, the two main things you should consider are utility and the 'wow' factor. That is, you want a custom trailer that will work for you and, at the same time, you want it to turn heads. A great idea for a custom trailer that fits this bill is the double-decker. Below, find out how this trailer works, its benefits, and more.

What is a double-decker trailer?

A double-decker trailer is also called a stacker trailer. It's a trailer that has two decks, as opposed to just one. That is, a second deck has been added to provide a secondary loading surface on top of the default one. As the name alludes, the trailer has double decks or has a deck that can be stacked atop the other.

How it works    

A double-decker trailer works in a simple manner. The top deck can either be fixed or movable. If fixed, both decks stay functional 24/7 and can be loaded at all times. If movable, the top deck can be raised or lowered using hydraulic arms. The top deck is raised via hydraulic action to create two loading surfaces. When lowered, the upper deck rests on the lower deck and the trailer can be used in that position. Also, the top deck can either be raised when empty before being loaded or it can be raised while already loaded.

How it's made

A custom double-decker trailer is made through a fabrication process. For fixed trailers, the upper deck is made using four or more metal posts. The posts are then connected to the upper deck through welded or bolted joints. Movable decks, on the other hand, are more complicated. The lower deck is designed in such a way that the upper deck can rest on it to create a flat carriage. In between, hydraulic arms are installed to prop up the upper deck. The arms are then connected to a hydraulic system that allows the user to raise or lower the upper deck.

Ideas for double-decker trailers    

  • Using tilt trays for the upper deck
  • nstalling a mesh cage for the upper deck
  • A removable top deck that can be installed or uninstalled when the need arises

Advantages of a double-decker trailer

  • Will carry more loads, e.g. luggage, boats, boats, etc.
  • Has a high resale/rental value
  • Eliminates the need to buy a second trailer in future

If you have lots of things that you plan to tow behind your car, the double-decker is a great custom trailer for you. Talk to a custom trailer fabricator and get more insights on how it will function in order to meet all your needs best.


13 October 2016

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