Ideas You Could Consider To Make Your Fencing More Decorative


Fencing options come in an endless array of choices. Having to make a selection on what materials to use and what style to use can be quite overwhelming. As such, it is not uncommon for some homeowners to simply leave this to the fencing contractors after briefing them on the primary function of their fence. Nevertheless, your fencing does not have to be identical to that of your neighbours. If you would like your home to stand out as well as increase its value, you should consider ways to make your fencing as decorative as possible. The following are some of the ideas that you could consider to enhance the decorative style of your fencing.

Opt for horizontal posts for your fencing

Vertical posts are commonplace with fencing as they are easy to erect. They are also a great way to provide you with privacy fencing if you are looking to keep prying eyes out of your home. However, vertical posts are also quite conventional. If you would like to add a contemporary touch to your property, you should consider horizontal posts for your fence. The horizontal posts will give an appearance of sleek lines, which will make your property appear more modern.

You can then enhance their appearance by opting for neutral colours such as black or white.  If you would like to maintain privacy in your home, you could keep the space between the posts as limited as possible. However, if you would like to focus more on aesthetics, you could space the horizontal posts evenly apart.

Opt for corrugated metal fencing

When homeowners consider corrugated metal, they tend to associate it with garden shed roofing. Nevertheless, this is not the only way that you can make the most of it. Corrugated metal panels can actually bring a uniqueness to your home that other types of materials will not offer since they are rarely used as residential fencing.

To update the appearance of the corrugated panels, have them painted in bold colours that will stand out. Once they are painted, frame the corrugated panels at the top and bottom with flat wooden panels.

Opt for pallet fencing

Although pallets have been primarily used in the storage and transportation industry, they have steadily made their way into households. More and more people are looking to DIY projects that will help them transform pallets into functional décor such as chairs, tables and even beds. Thus, it should not be surprising that pallets can also be a great source of decorative fencing. You can choose to disassemble the pallets then have them installed to create a chevron style pattern of fencing.


27 October 2016

How to Choose Security Fencing

If you want a security fence, you probably want to keep something safely inside the fence and/or something (or someone!) outside of it. That’s the easy bit. Choosing the right security fencing for your needs can be a bit more difficult. For example, before you can buy the right fencing, you need to think about all kinds of stuff from the size of the fence to the material it’s made of. In some cases, you may also want to add security extras like anti-climb features. I created this blog to cover the ins and outs of security fencing in more detail. Hopefully, it’ll help you learn more about how to choose the right fencing for your security problem.