Cyclone Fencing: Galvanized Wire Or Vinyl Coated Wire?


Traditionally, cyclone fencing, also known as chain link or chain wire, has been manufactured using galvanized steel metal. Today, a more modern option, that of vinyl coated wire, is available. If you are looking to install cyclone fencing in Australia, therefore, you might find yourself wondering which of the two options to buy. Below, see how the two options compare when it comes to some of the common considerations buyers make.  


Galvanized wire cyclone fencing is very durable. The steel metal provides excellent strength while the galvanization process protects the steel from corrosion. However, vinyl coated chain link fence is even more durable. That's because it, too, has a galvanized metal core but with an added vinyl coating. The outer vinyl coat provides additional protection to the metal core against moisture, heat or abrasive contact thus making your fence last longer.  


The strength of a cyclone fence is determined by the gauge of the core wire used. The smaller the gauge number, the wider and stronger the core wire used. For example, a cyclone fence manufactured with 9ga core wire is stronger than a fence manufactured with 11ga cyclone core wire. The vinyl coating does little to add to the strength of the fence; only the metal core gauge matters when it comes to strength. As long as both fence types have the same metal core gauge, they will offer similar structural strength when installed.  


Traditional galvanized wire cyclone fences have just one look; the shiny metallic appearance. This appearance is versatile and okay for many applications, especially institutions and industrial parks. On the other hand, vinyl coated cyclone fences feature a wide spectrum of colour options, e.g. red, black, green, brown, white, etc. Vinyl coated cyclone fences, therefore, offer better aesthetics as they can be matched to the grass, flooring, posts or the properties adjacent to them, especially in residential applications.


Cost is also another factor that prospective buyers consider when choosing fences. Between the two types of cyclone fencing, traditional galvanized wire is cheaper. This is because it's manufactured using a standard procedure of weaving the galvanized wire. However, vinyl coated cyclone fences require an additional manufacturing step, and that is the PVC coating process. As a result, vinyl coated cyclone fences cost a little more compared to the alternative.  

Vinyl coated chain link fencing wire is, therefore, better than galvanized fencing wire in terms of aesthetics and durability. However, galvanized chain link is cheaper than its competitor and the two balance off when it comes to structural strength. Still not sure which to pick for your application? Consult a cyclone fencing contractor, like one from Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd, for professional advice.


15 November 2016

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