3 Crucial Steps in Ensuring Your Stainless Steel Balustrades Never Corrode


Stainless steel balustrades are less susceptible to corrosion when compared to other metals, such as wrought iron balustrades. However, corrosion spots may eventually develop on those stainless steel balustrades if you didn't take the necessary precautions to keep that eventuality from happening. This article discusses some of those precautions that can help you to ward off rust spots from your stainless steel balustrades.

Select the Right Stainless Steel Alloy

Several stainless steel alloys exist on the market. Those grades have differing corrosion resistance capabilities. For instance, martensitic stainless steel has a lower corrosion resistance when compared to ferritic stainless steel grades. Your first line of protection should therefore involve asking the supplier to give you stainless steel balustrades that are made from the alloy with the highest level of corrosion resistance.

Be Careful during Onsite Machining

Another key step that you can take to ward off corrosion spots from your stainless steel balustrades is to take extreme care in case you would like to cut, grind or machine the balustrades in any way during the installation process. This is because those activities may accidentally introduce other metals into the stainless steel balustrades. For instance, particles from the cutting tool that you use may become embedded within the stainless steel. Such particles may corrode and cause the surface of the stainless steel balustrades to develop corrosion spots. Only use stainless steel tools in case you want to trim or grind the stainless steel balustrades that have been delivered to you.

Keep Them Clean

Corrosion spots can also develop on your stainless steel balustrades if you don't devote ample time and effort to cleaning those balustrades. For instance, salts on people's fingers may crystallise inside a crack that developed when a heavy object was banged against the stainless steel balustrade. Such salts may eventually overwhelm the protective chromium oxide layer that shields the metal from corrosive forces, such as moisture and air. Pick the right stainless steel cleaning method each time you notice some form of dirt or grime on the balustrade so that you protect the balustrades from prolonged exposure to substances that can eventually cause it to develop corrosion spots.

Your stainless steel balustrades are likely to retain their attractive appearance for a long time if you implement the suggestions above during the purchase, installation and maintenance of those balustrades. Consult an expert for help in case you are faced with a situation that you are unable to resolve on your own.


1 December 2016

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