Gate Escape: Things to Consider When Choosing a Gate


As more and more people are concerned with securing their homes and their privacy, having fences and gates constructed around your property may well be on your mind.  Not only can a fence secure your property, but there are so many styles available that it can also really suit the look of your property.  However, if you're thinking about having a fence with a gate constructed on your property, then there are several decisions you'll need to make.


There are two main materials used for fence construction—and those are wood and metal.  Metal tends to be more expensive, but it will be considerably sturdier and more secure.  Wood, however, is more visually adaptable—and as metal gates tend to be see through, wood is perhaps the more private option, blocking all view of your garden.  it really depends on what you're looking to get out of your fence and your gate.  Perhaps a good compromise could be to combine the two; metal-tipped wooden fences combine the rustic look of the wood with the support and strength of the metal.

Gate style

Are you looking for a single-door or double-door gate?  How wide are you envisioning it to be, and how tall?  If you are likely to need a lot of space in the approach to your property—for example, if you'll be moving heavy and wide furniture—then you may wish to consider a wider, double-doored gate for ease of access.  Beyond that, this is likely something that's dependent on taste and how much space you have.


If you're intending to secure your gate with a traditional lock, then that's great; it's a cost-effective and simple solution.  However, you could also consider having an electronic security system installed as part of your gate system, adding additional security to your property.  This is a lot more expensive but may well be a wise investment if you really want to keep undesirable strangers away from your doorstep.

All of these options are things that you may wish to discuss with your fencing contractor.  As professionals who deal with fences and gates every day of their lives, they'll be able to answer any questions you may have about the various options or advise you on which may best suit your purpose. Whatever you choose, securing your property in this way is sure to be a worthy investment for your future and the future of your home.


6 December 2016

How to Choose Security Fencing

If you want a security fence, you probably want to keep something safely inside the fence and/or something (or someone!) outside of it. That’s the easy bit. Choosing the right security fencing for your needs can be a bit more difficult. For example, before you can buy the right fencing, you need to think about all kinds of stuff from the size of the fence to the material it’s made of. In some cases, you may also want to add security extras like anti-climb features. I created this blog to cover the ins and outs of security fencing in more detail. Hopefully, it’ll help you learn more about how to choose the right fencing for your security problem.