Important Details to Discuss With Your Contractor About a Glass Pool Fence


A glass pool fence is a good choice for any home, as it means an unobstructed view to the pool, for added safety if you have children who will be swimming on their own. Glass fences also let lots of sunlight into the pool area, and glass won't get damaged by pool water and chemicals, so you won't need to consistently resurface it, as you would a metal or wood fence. Before you decide on the glass fence for your home's pool area, however, note some important details to discuss with your fence contractor, so you know you don't overlook anything.


One drawback to glass panels is that they can sometimes rattle and vibrate in high winds. If you live in the tropics or anywhere that often suffers strong storms, choose a framed fence, or posts between panels. Framed fences, as the name implies, have framing around each individual glass panel. Posts sit between each panel, but don't offer a top rail to create a solid frame. Either of these options will hold the glass sections more securely than if the panels are simply attached with bottom brackets, so there is little to no vibrating and rattling during storms.

Space between panels

If you have small pets, ensure that there is no gap between the glass panels of your fence, so that your dog or cat won't try to slide through and then get stuck. Opt for panels that are inserted into side posts, or that are attached to the posts with brackets that close up any gap. This will reduce the risk of injury to your pet, as well as the risk of any wildlife making their way into your home's pool area through those fence gaps!


If you're looking for maximum security, choose a glass fence that is so tall that a person could not easily reach the top of it with their hands, and then pull themselves up and over the fence. Also, if you have deer and other wildlife in the area, and these animals sometimes make their way into your yard, you want a fence that is too tall for them to jump over. A fencing contractor can tell you the risk of wildlife in your area in particular, and the height of a fence needed to keep those animals out of your pool. Be sure you consider these details when choosing the height of the glass frames for your new fence.


21 August 2017

How to Choose Security Fencing

If you want a security fence, you probably want to keep something safely inside the fence and/or something (or someone!) outside of it. That’s the easy bit. Choosing the right security fencing for your needs can be a bit more difficult. For example, before you can buy the right fencing, you need to think about all kinds of stuff from the size of the fence to the material it’s made of. In some cases, you may also want to add security extras like anti-climb features. I created this blog to cover the ins and outs of security fencing in more detail. Hopefully, it’ll help you learn more about how to choose the right fencing for your security problem.